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Eibach Lowering Springs


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Just wondering if anyone has fitted a set of Eibach lowering springs to their Aygo, and their opinions on them.



Hi Kevin,

I have. They are very well made and black so not as obvious as APEX which are yellow. They are progressively wound so only sag as much as the standard springs even though shorter. Body roll is reduced though mine were fitted at the same time as Koni dampers so I can't give you an answer of them on their own. Of course I have never tried the APEX so don't know if they are worth the extra money over them.

Like most things like this it is really hard to do a back to back comparison, but Eibach have a good reputation so I would say they are at least as good as other makes out there.



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I've got the eibach springs on my c1, VERY happy with them. Fitting wasn't fun, but worth it in the end. Higher springrates don't seem to be a problem with the standard dampers. Bodyroll is reduced and cornering speeds are fun ;)


Sounds like the Eibach springs are a good buy. I'll get a local mechanic to fit them rather than doing it myself. The standard dampers feel a bit too stiff for the standard springs and more of a match for uprated springs. The bodyroll with the standard setup is OK most of the time, but particularly annoying on roundabouts!

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