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Heater Controls Wired Up Wrong And/or Sticking Relay


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A while back I had a leak on the coolant system and it was found to be the heater matrix. It was taken out and replaced, and as you will know the entire dash had to come out. However, since putting it back the heater controls have been a bit weird to say the least.

When moving the controls from cold to hot, it should simply just change the temperature. However, now when I move it from cold to hot, when it gets half way, the actual speed of the air coming out jumps up as if you have turned the dial on the left up. Then the tiny green light in the aircon button flashes in time with a clicking noise coming from the frunk every so often.

Is there anyone here who have had something similar/same as this and know if it's just 2 wires that have maybe swapped places?

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