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Yellow Brake Calipers On 09 Blue Aygo!


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During (notice the rusty discs! only five month old!)




Close up


I used a Folitec kit that i got online and i'm rather happy with the results. Took me and my Dad the best part of saturday afternoon and also considerin i didnt get in till 5:30 from a long friday night think i've done a good job. The wheels were a bugger to get off, and after applyin quite a lot of force to get them off we noticed that there was a quite a bit of rust that was bonding the wheel! also the wheel bolts are getting worse as a lot of you seem to have problems with them on the alloys. Is the rust a cause for concern? also where a people getting these wheel bolt covers?? to be honest i don't know what size and what exactly i'm asking for lol but coverin seems to be the remedy and makes a differenace to the look of the wheels. To point out i use AutoGlyms wheel cleaner, can that be quite aggressive? is there a gentle alternative that gets the job done aswell?

While i'm here i'm thinking about what i want done next, i'm not looking at spending a fortune cuz i havent got it! but i'm adding little touches here and there to spruce it up a little. I fancy the wing mirror covers you can get from Citreon for the C1. I'm thinking the carbon fiber varient, does any one know if they fit the Aygo? also any one have them? pics? i like the Aluminium ones on the Audi R8s, so want a bit of Audi flavour for my Aygo lol i can dream!!

I'm up for my stores consultant of the year! so if a win will be treating my self to a roof spoiler! then i think i'll be more a less content with it, though theres always little tweaks to be done here and there lol

Two of my favourite things (this was before the painting)


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They look good mate if i did it to the mrs's doubt she would notice! Did you take the calipers off or just mask them up on the disks? I was watching topgear last night and the idea of the teak deckings got stuck in my head cant see it fitting on my platinum but we can dream of bentlys and rollers.


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I'm up for my stores consultant of the year! so if a win will be treating my self to a roof spoiler!

You don't sell yellow paint do you ? :lol: Only kidding, I guess you could do bronze or red and have a new look ever week.

I'm in two minds about this. Same with you roof spoiler. Then again I'm not into looks too much, more trying to get it to drive a bit better.



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During (notice the rusty discs! only five month old!)

Ahh, bless you!

Discs rust up in a matter of minutes when exposed to air+water as they are made from cast iron. This is totally normal, the surface rust is removed when you touch the brake pedal. The next time you wash your car, or drive in the rain, you will find that moments after drying the rust comes back.

All totally normal :thumbsup:

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Give it time, and the paint will flake off, look tired, and become tatty.

You might be surprised to the quality of the paint!

I did the drums als calipers on my blue 100NX in silver

and they still looked great, even after allmost 3 years!

The kit I used was one from Foliatec too and the paint in this

kit is a special 2-component that you have to mix yourself.

If I remember correctly the paint is good for temperatures up

to 600ºC or so and the kit even included brake cleaner and

good instructions on how to prep everything, so I don't think

it'll look tatty too soon (if ever)...

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