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Crazy Insurance. Whats Yours?


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I am so glad I'm old - 49

Corolla TSport Fully Comp with protected no claims £348 :yahoo:

That's only £52 less than me.... and i'm 26 :lol:

Oh hell!

Who're you insured with? I'm with Budget this year but it's going to be my last with them

Adrian Flux :thumbsup:

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Evening all!

hope we are all well?

Todays little rant regards the renewal of my Corolla insurance.

Been doing the rounds online as you do, and everyone is wanting silly money. Best quotes so far are just over £500 fully comp.

So. No pi55ing around, being honest, what on earth are you all paying? Surely Corollas have not just become the most stolen/crash prone car in Britain?!?

I am 30, have declared all of my mods (only have car lowered, air filter and wheels) and am fully comp and pay £300 for the year. :yahoo:

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