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St205 Questions..


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I am now the proud owner of a 1996 ST205 import.

I would like to know a few things about it,

1. What is the large button with a fan logo on and the word auto for.

2. What is the best oil for the gearbox / drive train.

3. What, if any octane booster is recommended. {i use optimax btw}

4. I will be using Mobil 1 for the engine, what spark plugs are best.

5. Does it have a LSD as standard.

Thanx in advance.

Skipz. B)

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1. - Climate control switch. (When its on the direction buttons turn off for the blower and the auto climate control directs air to area's of the car where they need cooling)

2. - I use Castrol GTX Magnitec synthetic for modern cars.

3. - I wouldnt bother with boosters, optimax is great on its own and i'd be surprised if you would notice any diffrence.

4. - TRD or Blitz Iridium Tipped Plugs

5. - Yes


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for the gearbox use a good brand of gearbox oil think its 75-90w GL5 or if the gearbox iss a little tight/notchy then you can use ATF (auto transmission fluid) :thumbsup:

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Just to add to what has been said, I always use Mobil1 for the engine - it's great. Just make sure it's fully synthetic whatever it is.

For the gearbox you need 75w90 GL5 oil, anything else just won't cut it. ATF (dexron II) is often mentioned as a way to smooth out a notchy gearchange, however I'm not so sure (I bought some intending to change it but never did!). It's just too thin to provide the protection the gears need.

Also plugs: Iridium are the best but v expensive. El cheapo copper ones (e.g. Bosch F5DC) are excellent, much better than platinums, the only proviso being they don't last as long (change every 3-5k miles or so).

Have a look at my site www.st205.net and you might find some useful stuff - also get onto www.g4oc.com.

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All the aftermarket Jap tuners' filters are much of a muchness. The Apexi looks nice tho!

Iridium plugs from Blitz/HKS/GReddy/TRD etc etc are around 15 quid each in this country :eek: however the stupid thing is that they are all made by Nippon Denso (who make most of the parts on most Japanese cars) or NGK (who make a good deal of the world's spark plugs), simply with a fancy Badge on.

You can get Denso iridiums from places in the States for around $6 each. So even taking into account VAT/duty and postage, it's still a good deal...

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