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Mk1 For Sale Cheap In N.kent


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Hi guys. The car I re-built the engine for is for sale. The owner has lost interest in the project and needs the room, so he is selling everything he has. This includes:

"B" reg Mk1, almost ready for MOT testing. Includes 6 original alloys with very good tyres.The car need some work on the body (but is not a rust bucket IMHO) Email the owner for further details.

This car can be heard running and includes a sweet engine (from a "D" plate AW20) with skimmed, rebuilt and re-shimmed head, built with complete new top gasket set. Here is a pic of the head I built (Search for MK1 fun thread) :


Spare parts include:

Mk1 bonnet and boot

Pair of electric mirrors

Complete pair of headlight assembly inc motors

Dismantled engine

Good gearbox


Also includes brand new set of metal brackets for securing front bumper.

Bragain price for an easy project for summer : £350. I think all it needs for the road is some cosmetic work.This car will be going for MOT next week and if it passes the owner will be putting it on eBay for £500 reserve.

eMail mattboyd1971@hotmail.com

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