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Kangzy: Advice On New Wheels!


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Hiya :D

There are a few things that will help us to help you:

whats your budget?

what style do you prefer?

what colour are you interested?

Also a few on your list are all made by Rays i:e Volk/Gram Lights/G-Games :thumbsup:

Sourcing most of the wheels with 4x100 stud fitments is a bugger

just out of my memory Rays do quite a few 4 x 100 in 17"







Gram Lights 57 optimise

Gram Lights 57 maximum

Gram Lights 57 maximum pro

G Games 77m

G Games 77s

However i would need to check that list at work depending on what offset you are looking for.

None of Rays wheels are cheap but you get what you pay for, as they are one of the BEST alloys you can buy :yes:

hi mate,

my budget is about 1g with tyres.

i want light weight wheels.. i wouldnt mind the new oz alleggeritas

i adbsolutely love the ssr type c wheels in gunmetal... but they are pretty pricey! or replicas would be great! 6 spoke or multspokes.

do u work for rays?

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