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Fitting A Front Strut Brace To Pre Facelift

the punisher

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Finally got a bit of time today to upload a few pic of fitting my front strut to pre facelift

Thanks again to chm_shek for hooking me up with the strut.

Ok fitting of the strut is easy so i will not go into too much detail about that just bolt it in, however in the pre face lift you have this problem ....


You need to bend it... you cannot bash it with a hammer (which is my usual prefered method) as its really springy and just bounces and does not bend...prising slowly a bit at a time is the best method.

Here is how i did it..


Here you can see how much you need to move it and i put a peice of rubber between the strut and the brake line to stop them touching metal to metal and rubbing.


First impression are it does make a good difference tightens up the front nicely, after all toyota saw fit to do it in the facelift. I have not driven with much anger yet.


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ok seriously im surprised... the springs made a real difference to how the car handles but i swear adding the strut made just as much difference...

i have a route that has some awesome S bends and before the car would squirm and you could feel the chasis twisting under you and was lurchy.. on saturday through the same S bends she just stayed planted and felt alot more composed and grippy, even feeding the power didnt upset the balence just made the tyres sing.

highly recomended!

too late now but i would be interested to see the one you dont need to bend the pipe for. Who makes it? i have heard some cheap ones on eBay have been known to snap... not specifally the CTR ones mind you.


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