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Im Really Good At Parking!


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'They' have given me a notice which says 'Parking Fine'.


I parked in a pay and display outside the pub i work in, went out at 6 to get a ticket (coz then its 50p for the night instead of for 2 hours) anyway, got to the car and realised i left my keys in the pub and i couldnt be bothered to go bak in, get the keys, come out again and also in all the months i and my mates have parked there, non of us have seen a traffic warden. Anyway, got back to the car after the shift and had a fixed penalty.

So with any luck they will let me off, seeing as i have a valid ticket, ill tell em it must have fallen on the floor or something...

Sigh this is the price i have to pay for being lazy!


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If you're anything like me you'll probably be madder at yourself for being so stupid. I guess most of us have been there.

I used to stick up for "them" until I had a run in with one! The warden gave me nothing but abuse and wasn't even willing to hear me out, drunk on the power I guess. After that I think they are all W :censor: :censor: kers. :ffs:

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REminds me of what happened to me!!!

when I was swapping the engiens in my old red supra I bought an old mk1 polo to run around in..

I parked in town (henley) and bought a ticket.. then moved the car to another place (around the corner) and left my ticket there.. came back to see a parking ticket..........

I had moved out of an area controlled by south oxfordshire district councill to an area controlled by oxford distict council!! :ffs: :ffs: :ffs: :ffs:

I tried to apeal as there was nothing saying this.. but they declined....

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