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04 And 05 Comparison


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Hey people... how's it going?

Just a quick question which i can't seem to find the answer to... is there any difference in the body of the 2004 and 2005 Celicas? I own a 2004 VVT-i here in the UK, and i don't know why but it feels like with every 2005 Celica i see, the rear of the car is less wide and a bit higher? I can't seem to find any side-by-side pictures, or anywhere on Google or these forums... maybe i'm not searching with the correct words... but yea i was just wondering if anyone could confirm if the rears of the two models are different... i know the interior and the fronts on them are different as per the 'facelift', bit its the rear that i'm wondering about.

thanks in advance for any replies!


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