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Floor Mats For Possible Recall


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Hi all,

I came across this in google finance section.

Toyota "Recall" Will End Up Being a Positive For Brand

Posted by: David Kiley on September 30

Toyota yesterday instructed 3.8 million vehicle owners to take the floor mats out of their cars, trucks and SUVs.

News reports to the contrary, Toyota is officially calling this a “safety advisory” and says it has not yet issued a recall. But it’s more like a directive in real life.

“Sudden Acceleration” is the reason for the action. It turns out there have been a few cases of people suddenly accelerating out of control with some fatal consequences because the mat got caught up in the accelerator pedal.

“Sudden Acceleration” is a scary terrible phrase in the auto industry. Worse than “gas taxes” to American drivers. Audi took a beating in the late 1980s and 1990s after CBS’s Sixty Minutes gave a spotlight to some trial lawyers whose clients had claimed “sudden acceleration” was to blame for some accidents. Audi issued denials. But the story dragged on. Investigations were done. There was never any finding that a design or engineering flaw in an Audi was to blame. Yet, enormous damage was done to Audi sales and the brand. It has only been in the last five years or so that people have let the false charges of sudden acceleration drift into the archives of their memories.

Today, Audi vehicles are world-class competitors to Mercedes, BMW and Lexus, and the brand is one of the fastest growing in the category worldwide.

Toyota has had some recalls for engine sludge, bad ball joints, etc. Its own management has admitted that it grew too fast, especially in the U.S., and took its eye off the ball in terms of quality amidst all that growth.

The last thing the company needed to do in this sales-challenged economy was deny any responsibility. And easy for them, all they have to do is tell the owners to take the factory-issued mats out of the vehicles.

I have to straighten out the mats in my own cars from time to time because they ride up into the pedal area. It’s common sense. But assuming common sense is wide spread is a dangerous thing to do.

Now, the search goes on to see what company has the smartest mat design that prevents the problem. Then, let every automaker copy that good design, eh?

Any suggestions?

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Ive head this from a few people and my own Ravs service history has this in it at a 40k service interval

" Customer complains of accelerator pedal sticking in the on position"

Toyota service tech " No fault found possible floor mat causing problem" no action taken as far as I can see. this was 3 years ago.

SkyNews version


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The RAV4 was not listed in the recall.

Buy some nails and a good hammer... :unsure: :unsure:

Don't the mats have the clips attached to stop this... Mine has a hole in the carpet where the clip goes into from the mat (the hole is supposed to be there by the way :P )....

Maybe Kingo can update on this one...

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I have different mats now? so mine should be ok, they go no where near the acc pedal, the origonals were not Toyota ones. Its just the previous owner had a similar problem acording to whats written on the service invoice, not sure which mats she/he had but when i got the Rav they were not Toyota.

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This recall is for USA only as they have some sort of accessory mat fitted as standard

I did make a comment on another thread about this yesterday, but basically ANY floor mat can "creep" towards the accelerator pedal and become stuck, Toyota accessory mats come with a clip to hold the mat in place, ALWAYS put the clip back when you have removed the mats for cleaning, it is a bit tricky and some people leave them out, if you do leave it out, you are going to find your mat creeping forward, you have been warned ;)

Kingo :thumbsup:

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