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4afe->4age Blacktop Swap

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Hello all, I have a 1997 US corolla with a 4afe. I am seriously considering a 4age blacktop swap, I have been trying to research it but have not found anything helpful.......it looks like the engine will drop right in no problem but I am worried it might not because 1) the car the engine came from was right drive and mine is left 2) the left side motor mount(if looking at front of car) doesn't exactly look like it is the same. So I was hoping that someone on this board has either done the swap or knows some one who has....Please let me kno ASAP



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first off hi and welcome.

shouldnt matter what hand drive as the engines are the same. the mount may look different on the 4A-GE but should still fit and modification shoulnt be hard if it req's tweaking to fit. make sure you have the loom and ecu as these will differ to the 4A-FE.

good luck

lee :thumbsup:

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you can look here at some pics this guy has done a swap

He used a righthand japanes Silvertop frontcut and put it in his lefthand E10 its writin in dutch but when you click on "Levering" and scroll down there begin the pics :!Removed!:

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