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Prototype Toyota?


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I was sent these images earlier from a friend in South Africa, he knew I was into my Toyotas! He was passed them by someone overthere but he's now gone on holiday.. anyway... all the info he has is that it's 260BHP, 310 lbft Torque and uses the Dual VVT-I 2.4ltr engine fitted with a turbo.

Has anyone got any more information on this? Heard anything? :0 the Badge on the back I think is for the Matrix, but does look like it's based on the Auris.

Sincere apologies if this has been covered already :unsure: I'm at work so haven't got a lot of time to do a proper search!





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Looks a beast whatever it is!

It would be nice to see such a thing over in the UK but with that size of engine I doubt it, we are to pre-occupied with the environment to take such a car IMHO

Kingo :thumbsup:

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If Ford can produce the Focus ST/SR then why can't Toyota produce a car such as this in the UK :huh:

Come on Mr T.... get your fingers out and produce something a little radical that would put the Toyota brand back on the front covers of numerous car magazines :thumbsup:

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If toyota released that overhere, I'd pre-order one now.

Coming Mr T! Release something interesting! Bring TRD over to Europe!

I'd like to see a TRD version of all their cars, in the same vain as Vauxhall's VXR... TRD for the win! :D

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That's a good start! I'll give them that :D

Let's see it over here with a nice turbo on it :D

This looks a lot like the FT-HS though, so might see a more powerful hybrid version! :)

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