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Petrol Tank


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Hi peeps!

Just had my bloomin petrol tank changed on my Avensis. It started to leak at the seam, where the two halves were joined.

Just as something to look for, the guy from the toyota garage who supplied the tank said they seem to be sellin a few now.

Bad manufacturing? I think maybe toyota should know. The car's only five years old for god sake!

Anyone else had any trouble?


PS, still waiting for the bill!

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Excuse me if this sounds a little obvious!

I could smell petrol!

Now i've got that one over with, yeah you can smell it in the car when stationary quite alot. So I got underneath thinking it is probably only a leaking pipe and found that the underside of the tank was covered in it. I could only stay under the car for about 5 minutes before it was overwhelming! It was coming from the pressed seam round the centre of the tank. Luckily it was easy to see, but unlucky that it was the tank.


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