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How Much Fuel Is Left When The Fuel Light Comes On?


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In my T-Sport in total I get about 330miles (@41.5mpg) before the fuel light comes on and I was sweating it bad on the way to work stuck in traffic with no garage for miles?

Anyone know how many more miles it has to give?

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sorry i have just noticed yours is a Yaris, which means your petrol tank is smaller at 45.5, so 330miles gives you 34.5 MPG

When empty!

But you never fill you tank when its bone dry. The last light bar is usually 7 to 9 litres left in the tank.

As you fill up before the fuel light is on you will probably have a good 9 or 10 litres left which would work out at your figure of 41/42mpg.

So the answer to your question would be fuel remaining before the light comes on approximately 2 gallons so good for at least another 60/70 miles minimum :thumbsup:

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@Captain_hook12 Yeah soz should have sad Yaris.

at least another 60/70 miles minimum :thumbsup:
Wow that is good and I guess I f I do the math it will add up. Had driven 20 miles with the feul light on and now I know not to worry!
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From when the last bar starts flashing i have about 5 litres left in the tank. It's a diesel but the tank is the same size as the petrol yaris.

Same thing in my 2001 1.0 Yaris. I get about 35 litres in the tank when refelling just after the last bar starts flashing. 9 litres of petrol/diesel is quite much for a Yaris! :)

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I think my Yaris is similar to yours Reece :)

The thing is, in the D4D, 9 litres will probably take you over 100 miles!! :lol:

174 miles in my case!

Should be enough to the nearest petrol station!

I didn't know you were based in Australia.....hehe.

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My 59 Yaris has only got a 42 litre tank :mellow:

Are you sure about that?

Yes confirmed by the brochure available online (however reading other threads on this forum states that the brochure should only be read with a pinch of salt).

Once the fuel guage is flashing, you only get 35 litres or so in :(

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