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I have a 3sge Beams engine in my 2000 gt caldina its a black top i was surprised and disappointed to see it does not go as fast as i thought a little bit sluggish i think its because its auto a bit thirsty on the gas as well 10 to 11 liters per 100 km's. Two things a bit disappointing to me but besides this its a great car can anyone tell me 2 buttons next to the shifter 1 ect-pwr and ect-maul mean? i spose ect-pwr means power and do you have to get to a kind of speed before these buttons cut in and take affect.

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sluggish ?? hmmm .. maybe its your power to weight ratio .. the engine deos pack a good deal of horses but your caldina GT if one of the heavier toyota vehicles .. therefore u may find it sluggish ...

my 3SGE BEAMS is installed in an ae101 corolla .. more than enough power for normal use .. probably coz my corolla weighs significantly less than your caldina .. :D

maybe u should have gotten the ST215 caldina pumping out over 250hp with the latest 3SGTE engine .. ;)

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