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Tns 400

Geoff Lukins

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This morning when I took my Yaris SR in for a service the Toyota Service Desk asked me for my TNS 400 (Tomtom SatNav). Unfortunately I didn't have it with me so was asked to take it to the dealers this Friday. Apparently there is a software upgrade available which takes about 30 minutes to install. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this upgrade yet and what it consists of. :P

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It was a formal recall notice sent out to all "Yaris SR Nav" owners.

It provides a larger 2mb memory card, as many systems were crashing because the previous 1mb card wasn't big enough.

It also brings the software up a version to use the latest generation of maps.

You won't notice any real difference if your system was already working ok before.....

As a bonus, the new memory card has Tomtom Safety Cameras loaded but you don't have a subscription to update them... So you can use the feature, but you can't update the safety camera database without paying a further subscription...

I had mine done last October or November, soon after I got the car. The formal recall notice was sent out to all owners earleir this year....

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