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New Shoes Updated Photos Kangzy & Me!


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I cant find any single red ones tho. There are some on the ultralite website but where do you order from????

i bought mine from here www.toxicrides.co.uk... and they are 1.5

"So......why are we pretending there Buddyclubs when there just cheap copys? " -BIG G!

i had buddy clubs before!!!! kangzys wheels are genuine p1 sfs!

my wheels in the photo are rota boosts



dont worry dude some people are just haters!!!

Hey Farhan,

Wheels look good mate.

Hi everyone, I'm a long time reader and new poster. bought Farhan's old Buddy Club P1 Racing Plus 2's. Not got round to fitting them yet but when I do I'll stick up some pics with them on my grey t sport! :)

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Cheers for the pm Farhan. Since looking at the nuts tho I think im going to ruin them as i take my wheels off now and again to give them a good clean front and back and wax them too, so ive opted to get the internal steel nuts although not as light they are stronger and i'll paint them red :)

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I'll order a single aluminium one too then, but at least i got the steels in case something else happens!!! Never know with me.

Thanks for the help again fellas. Keep up the good work on your cars they look mint and hurry up with the build thread Farhan :thumbsup:

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cars are looking stunning, lol @ the type r driver, bet he loved the sound of your supercharger when you booted it, got the sound to go with the looks , wish my car was anywere near as nice as yours, mine needs some serious TLC lol and a fair few grand spending on it lol

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Sorry if i'm bumping an old thread... but....

Holy cow!! those cars look amazing, properly stunning.

I was tempted to get a 'rolla T sport to replace my Yaris... now i'm sold!

Farhl, what size rims are they? Whats the drop like, looks like more than the standard Tsport?


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