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1991 Corolla 1.3 Gl


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i have a 1991 hatch 1.3 GL Corolla with a nice ICE system but i want to move onto the exterior, does anyone have any ideas on how i could do this. i know there are alot of you out there with the 1.6's, would the mods you have fit my car?? would the exhaust systems for your car or the standard skirts also fit my car??

any ideas you can would be great, cheers, Chris

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yes, if its the 3dr hatch, then all body parts off a GTi will fit. i think you'll have to drill the tailgate though, as they are bolted, or screwed on, unless you're taking the tailgate off the other car as well.

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Cheers JT, typically i have just had a call off them saying the spoiler has a 2 inch crack and he is not happy with sending it out, he is going to try and get me other one for monday.

The site is the link at the top of the page, City Auto Breakers, go to that site and Request some parts, i did that and about 5 minutes later he called me saying that he didn't have any Side Skirts for me but he did have a spoiler. Delivered aswell all for £37 (sheffield to kent), brilliant, ill just have to wait and see what happens monday, it seems to good to be true! Chris

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