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My Efforts At Diagnosing An Electrical Fault


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Hi chaps

I have an 03 plate Celica T Sport

The passenger window ranomly stopped working recently

Presing the 'lock window' button/switch only locks/unlocks the doors and does not seem to effect the window,

I first checked the fuses in the drivers footwell - both electric window fuses are fine

Then I looked at the switch itself - seems fine although I don't know how to test it?

Today I took off the passenger door card - all of the connectors are pluged in and the windows runners are nice and greasy.

How can I figure out where the problem lies?

One final point - When you press down the window switch, it doesnt effect the idle speed or light brightness or anything as you'd expect if the motor was drawing loads of current trying to unstick the window. When you press the button nothing at all happens, no noises no nothing, as if its unplugged

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Cheers chaps

p.s I can post pics of the T sport if anyone is interested, or if anyone likes R5GTT's i've had a bunch of those that I have pics of.


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Hi barki

I've got good news for you - There's a very simple fix for your passenger side window problem

If you look at the dashboard, to the right hand side of the steering wheel and just below the dials dimmer knob, there is a button

This button enables/disables the Passenger window, just press it once to egage/disengage it and all should be well again

Please let me know if this fixes your problem

Hope this helps

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I feel rather stupid now having wasted all that time fannying about trying to fix a problem that didnt exist

Cheers for you help - it worked


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No worries Tom, glad to be of help

I had the same window problem myself after cleaning the dashboard, so you're not the only one who has fell foul of this button


I've had my 03 plate VVTI for 6 year and NEVER come across this. Have spend the morning check the switch / motor / fuse etc and came to this forum out of desperation.

- Problem sorted - thanks so much for posting this helpful advise - AEV

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