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Info Needed On Rear Diff


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Its me again with some questions , hope you not get fed up with me . Problem is I live in Namibia and info here is on short supply.

Can anybody tell me if a Rav 4 with vin and model numbers as follows have a limited slip diff? VIN NO SXA10-0033851 MODEL E-SXA10G-AZMGK.

Have tested mine by jacking up the rear end and trying to rotate one wheel . It locks up .

The center diff of the manual transmission is working as I jacked up the front and only the front wheels rotate when I put it in gear ..

Please help

Wish you a great day


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Not sure on the specs in Namibia but in UK the 4,2 model NRG had an LSD i think (in the rear diff), you have done the test, jack up one rear wheel, you shouldnt be able to turn it as it should be locked to the oposite wheel by the LSD in the diff. Normally a clutch plate system.


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