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Hi there i havent been on here for a while due to being in japan! awsome cars there ! anyway im now back home and looking after my celica 190 again but im looking at buying a seccond car which is a corolla 1.8 t-sport. i went to have a look at one close to me and it was great and very cheap 2k and onli about 70k miles. on the test drive i noticed a misfire tho. hes changed the spark plugs and aparently this didnt work so i recon leads and coil (i know its more or less the same engine as the one in the celica 190) i wanted to check with you lot to see wether its worth buying and tryin to repair cus i know that with any other non jap car it would be an easy fix but as its toyota hardly anything goes wrong with engine so it may not be as simple as i think. any sugestions welcome!!!

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