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Quick Poll Xbox 360 Vs Ps3


Xbox 360 Vs PS3  

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  1. 1. Which console?

    • Xbox 360
    • PS3
    • Don't care... i live in the real world!

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You know you want a 360 dude, like I said on MSN FORZA 3 Rules!

Also depends if you wanna play online PSN is free where as Xbox live isnt!

But if you arent playing online the 360 is the far better option, can pick up banned xboxs super cheap!

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Blueray, GT5, the recent iPlayer add on is nice. Media streaming and DivX is nice too (I'm sure the Xbox does that)

I don;t know what it is but I have never got on with the Xbox.

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I find the Playstation controllers waaaay better laid out. Which is I guess why they never changed them! They don't feel too small if you don't grip onto them.

The Xbox one feels clunky and cumbersome.

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I was the opposite to Charlie. The PS controllers and tiny and get lost in my hands. They are also an odd shape and make my hands ache after a short time.

I've a 360 currently, and with additions like on demand movies and Sky TV channels it's improving.

I'll get a PS soon, but only when a BlueRay player is needed.

Online PS is free, but form the issues I've heard, you get what you pay for.

I had a PS2 and an Xbox too. The PS only had one game.

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The PS3 has triggers at the back..... L2 and R2 ;)

I never use then though as the buttons themselves are also analogue.

They are digital though, the Xbox ones are analogue.

I still think the old Megadrive gamepad with 6 buttons was best.

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lol. you made the right choice IMO with the Xbox. and im not saying that just because i heve one. i was a hardened PS fan untill i got mine.

everytime i ask anyone about why a PS3 is better than a 360 i get 'its got a bluray player', if you want a bluray player then buy a standalone one.

the online community is a lot better than the PS3 (yes ive experiance both).

shop around for your gold subs though as i got my last one for £25.

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Xbox 360 always!

One thing that makes it the ideal choice is Xbox Live. Even though you have to pay for it. More travel on the 360's trigger buttons make driving games a joy to play and gamer score keeps you wanting to play more and more.

Lots of my mates have both and the PS3 doesnt get touched. Sits there covered in dust!

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They are digital though,

They have more than "on off" functionality, and are presure and speed sensitive apparently. You can use the X button to "steer from the rear" by feathering the thrrottle on GT5 Prologue, that's good enough for me.

It also has the Wii style "sixaxis" motion sensing, which I have never used.

Still I'd not have bought either, it was part of my bonus from work. ;)

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Well I dont think I will be playing online with mine now due to the recent bannings. Mine isnt banned yet but wont be long. Then again with the stack of games I still have to complete I have enough to keep me going for a long time

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