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Year 2000 MR S. Have fitted new pole/drive belt to existing motor, but wont retract completely, leaving 2 inches outstanding. Original toothed drive belt snapped, has anyone done similar please?

Suggestions welcome, thanks. Midengine

PS pre-cats done on this car before I bought it 2 years ago, but not in time, complete new block etc etc. Anyone risking it, dont!! It is like new now though.

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Hi and welcome to the club :thumbsup:

I don't know if this post will be of hellp to you CLICKY

Sorry to hear about the engine problem but it is a misconception that removing pre-cats will stop the early design engines from failing. CLICKY


Hello, Thanks for your interest, I have solved the non-retracting aerial as a result!

Re pre-cats, I know this is controversial. I can only say mine is "the other side" of the pre-cat issue. That is, engine failure over 2 years ago, new block, pistons etc etc pre cats removed, and 2 years further on, engine is as new. No oil consumption, maximum performance and mpg.

I am assured by a "specialist" engineer it wont recur now the cats are removed. Only time will tell?

many thanks again and best wishes


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