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Mini Meet, Xscape - Sunday 15th Nov

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Blutto and myself are meeting up at Xscape on Sunday if anyone fancies a ride over.

I know its pretty central and easy to get to so it would be interesting to see the faces of a few peple off here.....

Not sure about times yet but i shall be there early to sample the local delicasies of Mcd's breakfast, burger king brunch, and KFC lunch, might even go all posh and have a Frankie and Benny's for my tea...... anyway enough about my eating habits.

Anyone fancy it.......

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I'll prob be down there from about 3pm for a spot of climbing in the Ellis Brigham shop, i suppose i could show my car off either before/after climbing if you guys want to see what i have, got nothing special tucked away :lol:

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Looks like a quiet one then.......3 of us......and no definately not nando's, last time i went they told me they had no chicken. I really did think they were taking the p*ss, but no, they really had no chicken.......

No Chicken and they were still open :lol: what time you planning on staying there to?

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Sounds good to me!

Usual spot to meet is in the main Xscape car park at the back near the roundabout... can usually get parked together then.

Does Colin know it's in Yorkshire?? :lol:


Hi all, just got back from working in Wales for a couple of days (International Builders) so Yorkshire Sunday will be just one more stamp on the passport and yes Gaz I have been known to stray across the border every now and then :D

So what time then, and are we gonna get a few more attending.

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blutto's son posting on his behalf here.

He'd like to get phone numbers for man-bing, danny and Mr T Sport, as Xscape is absolutely heaving apparently, and is having trouble finding anyone apart from Gaz (norfolk)

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I'm sure we can arrange something else.

Somewhere not as packed maybe!

It was a good meet, loads of people.... myself... Blutto.... err... :lol:

The only downside to the meet is i now want a CTS-C :D

Think our previous record was three cars there wasn't it Gaz? ;)

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First meet I ever went to in Manchester only Cayman and me turned up, anyway one or two probs with the comp, heater and blower got a mind of there own and air bag light coming on and off.

I think it got to about 120 deg on the way home, did a James May and got down to my trolleys, dash coming out in the morning and have a tinker with the lump hammer.

If you do get a comp Gaz it will be a toss up as to the first one to wrap it up :P .

So next job a r/r day, is it to be Mini Sport again or are we trying some where else, need to get the cts-c on the rollers then bolt the Powertec on and bang it on again see what gains can be made, was well pleased with 206 from the cts.

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This was from a meet i went to last year


Ah yes I remember that one......................It was a Midlands/South Meet at Milton Keynes.................Those meets are usually well surported ;) :lol:

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:lol: Better late than never!


Unless you fancy a track day at Blyton Park end of April? Couple of spaces going spare...

Funny you should mention Blyton, I might just be up for that. Not in the 'Rolla obv but i'll bring the trackcar for a giggle. How much is it? Is it with Javelin?

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