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Corolla T Sport


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what were they thinking when they put these wheels on this car, they just look so small, the comp with 17s looks 10x better, cant wait till i can afford some new bigger wheels for it. Wonder who made the decision to put little 16s on it even after its facelift when they managed to lower it and everything. I bet they would have sold a lot more if it had bigger wheels originally, and were only talking about 1 inch which makes a big difference.

17s make the cars wheel base look so much shorter and fill the arches nicely and the car just looks so much sportier. If i spray my wheels black, can this give the illusion of having slightly bigger wheels? Would like to see pics of aftermarket wheels peeps have had fitted, thanks....

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I dunno , 17's with a 45 tyre are pretty much the same overall size anyway .the gap around the tyre to the arch is still the same . lowering on coilovers even on standard wheels is what makes it look really good or 19"ers they really do fill the arch .

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