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Hello Again Also Loosin Oil N Revs


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Hello everyone im now back i dont know if you guys remember i bought a BMW well thats all gone now i am a lil sad but now back with the T Sport, well i dont know if this has been mentioned before or you guys have the same prob my car seems to drink oil every 5k it goes down to mimimum i spoke to toyota and they say its normal, also i have just noticed my clutch is pretty squeeky i guess thats pretty common how do you over coome this oooh and before i forget my car the revs kept dropping the other day and felt like it was gonna stall is it just me

well its nice to be back

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That oil usage over 5k is completely normal, especially if you are giving it stick, the honda vtec engines seem to use a lot more :unsure:

I use toyotas own 10w40 semi and it uses very, very little...maybe a small top up over 10k

My clutch squeaks and some times during warm up the revs can drop a little, but its been like that for over 2 years that ive owned it with no problems :D

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