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Toyota's Ncap Row......

fuel miser

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over Urban Cruiser safety test........


oh dear, oh dear,

keep thinking about replacing the Yaris with an urbancruiser but one thing after another puts me off.

price, ok maybe get a good deal from salesman but we'll see.

No spare wheel, :!Removed!: dont like the thought of not having a wheel to use and relying on a tin of gunk!!!

but maybe ok.

now only 3 star NCAP?? :o I think someone somewhere is telling me to avoid!!!

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I'd actually be very surprised if Toyota didn't have some genuine grounds for complaint, because if not, by drawing attention to their argument, they are going to make themselves look rather silly over this safety issue regarding the Urban Cruiser. If there really is a safety problem, then I'm sure they'll rapidly be putting this right, and will soon submit another Urban Cruiser for retest.

Toyota have had a superb safety record with all of their recent models, the tiny iQ getting a maximum 5 star rating, along with the Yaris, Auris, Prius and Avensis.

Full Toyota range and their safety ratings listed here........


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