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Has Your Mk2 Ashtray Got This?


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So im sitting in my trusty MR2 on my dinner break at work when I pull my ashtray out (coz I'm gonna use the space for a few wires). Done this a few times before but has anyone noticed the little perspex window to the right of the ashtray bottom?!?!?

Looking closer I'm sure I can see a bulb on the case but cant really tell.

Does anyone have an ashtray that lights up?

Is there a switch or did it light up with the dash lights?

If Toyota spent x amounts on putting a bulb in my ashtray, why doesnt my glove box light up? (find this very annoying)

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Ya my ashtray lights up when I put the dash lights on. Its very very useful in these dark days I would be stuffed otherwise. I dont like usin window as ash flys and sticks to side of car. If your light has conked out it will just need a new bulb thats all.

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Mine too, It had the Sony 6 disc changer unit that came as standard in Japan - I ripped it all out and the control panel for it, which was in the ashtray. As a result i have a nice gap where the ashtray lid should go so im hunting for ones of these too!!!

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