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Fog Lights Advice


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im looking to get a set of fog lights seen these on ebay


are these the correct ones and also what bulbs go in them?? is it h7 or h4


It depends if you have a hatchback or saloon corolla. The bulbs for the E12 corolla hatchback are H11 and the E12 corolla saloon are HB4 :unsure: I found out the hard way when trying to fit HB4s to my hatchabck corolla! :crybaby:

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ok just one more question.. anyone know the part numeber for the lead that connects the fog lights to the wire already in place behind the foglight bracket... its just ive removed the fog light cover and ive seen a wire there but not one that will automatically work with the lights i think i need some sort of extention or something?

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