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Starlet Suspension


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Right this is the way i have done it,mk2 escort crossmember -rack,starlet rollbar+track control arms and capri struts :thumbsup: .that way you get good brakes and suspension+loads of after market bits available for the ford stuff. :D ;) .

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AE86 suspension is the way forward...

Plenty of KP's are using AE86 strut/shock/spring/hub/caliper assemblies and rear axle/links/shocks with great results. There's (nearly) just as many performance parts for AE86 suspension as Ford, you just have to search a bit harder.

I think it's a shame when I see all those Starlets with Ford gear. Nowt wrong with it and it sometimes makes sense but I'd stick with Toyota if possible.

Like Darren says, the KP is a very light car to start with so it doesn't need massive conversion/upgrades.

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capri xmember bolts straight on with antiroll bar with very minor mods,though cambers wheels a bit,escort xmember too narrow and needs widening,use mk3 escort tops as smaller than capri and fit starlet strut top holes with little filing,If you can find some princess calipers will bolt too ford struts giving u 4 pots.or upgrade your starlet parts have a word with sum1 like george polley click here,ae 86 parts are getting hard too find!

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