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The Compressor Goes Next Week....

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Well after 3 years of owning the little monster its finally going.

I've traded it in for an Audi A4 cab, bit posey i know but why the hell not!

bought it from the car shop in Doncaster, not a bad set up really, like a cross between carcraft and car people with most of the crap bit removed!, no haggling (car people), no salesmen bothering you (car people) stupid form thing to fill out when you get there (carcraft) bottom book prices on cars (car people) cars locked (car people) loads of extra services to sell you (carcraft). But overall pretty ok as far as buying a car goes.

The bit i really liked is that the cars are not overly prepared before they go on sale, just washed and vacuumed out really. So if its had a careless owner any scratches, dents or worse are still there, rather than finding out later when all the cheap 'smart repairs' start looking naff!

I've agreed a trade in price for mine of 7k.....sound about right?

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