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Broken Tomtom Screen


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After launching my fairly new TomTom Go530 out of the bedroom window :crybaby: (Not on purpose :angry: ) Then finding out it is not covered on household insurance because it is classed as a "Motoring accessory" :ffs:

I checked out the repair options and because it is so specialised, basically just to inspect it prior to repair can cost £70.00 with a potential repair cost of about £150 :eek: The unit cost me £250 new but I still thought it would be too costly for repair so I got a new Go750 live.

Thinking that I had nothing to loose I decided to see what was available as far as parts went and found THIS site with a screen available for £60 which is quite reasonable but the fitting charge because of its complexity would put it past being economical. :(

So...........Armed with a small screw driver I set about the complexities of the TomTom Go530 assembly (or disassembly) and found it tricky but not impossible :yes:

Having split it down to the offending part (LCD screen) and finding the touch screen is still intact, I shall order the new part then reassemble the device and hopefully have it back to a usable state. :D


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Several years ago, now, my Son's new bike was nicked out of the Garage [ok, I'd left the door open :wacko: ] & my Ins. Co. paid up.

It certainly wasn't classifiable as a "Motoring Accessary" but would be on a par, in my opinion :unsure:

As an aside, the centre Diamond of my late Wife's engagement ring fell out & we claimed under the Household contents Ins. They coughed up, no problem. A few weeks later I saw something glittering on the floor [already searched] Yes, it was it. :thumbsup:

I informed the Ins. Co. & offered to refund the money & got the reply " Yiz are all right. Forget about it, The case is closed ! :clap: ]

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I was burgled last week and discovered the Tom Tom was not covered under house insurance, then was told that it was not covered under the car insurance as the car had not been broken into. I tried arguing it was classed as a PND Portable Navigation Device and so could be used for walking or riding but as the product that was taken was under 'portable car navigation' section on the website then it was not covered. It was 1 month old and used once. gutted

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