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Kerbed A Wheel


What would you do?  

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  1. 1. Choices

    • Refurb/repair the wheel
    • Buy a new wheel
    • Get the Rota GT3's

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Today when parking up outside the house I managed to kerb my passenger side wheel, in the 2 years or so I've had these I've been very carefull not to do this.. even to the extent of needing a taxi to the pavement :lol: anyway.. I was a complete Idiot today and went too close and scraped the edge of the lip.

My choices are these... buy a new wheel, get the wheel refurbed if possible (it's an Inox lip and may not be able to be repaired) or, funds permitting.. get a set of Rota GT3's in red.



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Rotas are cheap and cheerful, but I expect they will work fine. I don't think some of the designs really bear close inspection, but you will not cry if you kerb a Rota. And they will be cheap to replace.

Note that this is not a recommendation! I would not put Rotas on my car, but each to their own.


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