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I have just watched the Top Gear report of the Lexus LFA.... wow what a car and what a sound :P

Mr T has done a great job with the car in every way but they have screwed up big time.....

The projected price...... £350,000 :eek:

Sorry Mr T but you have got it seriously wrong, will you sell many.... I think not! :(

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So is stupidity, because lets face it.. for £350,000 you can do a LOT better.

Audi R8 and keep the change :thumbsup:

I agree.... I would have the R8 and the GTR and breathe on both :yes:

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Why would you buy one for 350k when, as Clarkson put it quite rightly, you can get something just as good, if not better.... cheaper??

It's not like Lexus are a prestige marque like Lamborghini or Ferrari that can pretty much put any price tag they want on a car and guarantee sales.

I realise Lexus are making no money from these cars and they look and sound superb but they should have cut some serious costs if they expect people to actually want to buy the thing.

I had such high hopes for this car and in the most part, they're either met or superceded, but the price is a big no-no. Even the richest potential buyer would rather turn up in a Lambo or a 'Rari than pull up at the executives bonus dinner in a Lexus. The target market won't want it and the ones that do couldn't afford it. :(

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The W****** will be lining up to spend their bonuses on one.... just look at some of their decisions they've made recently :unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

EDITED BY DAWESY. Please dont try to get around the swear filter. it is there for a reason. thanks.:)

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I agree that the price is someone crazy but as you say, they make no profit on these being sold, much like the Veyron...

I'd say that this is in a similar sort of class to a Veyron, might not have the same crazy top speed as the Veyron but it certainly pulls it's weight around the track.

Not to mention, you could buy two of them, and an R8... and a GTR and still have some pocket change left over!

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