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Rear Wiper Stays On Constantly


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driving it today and noticed the rear wiper on so switched it off

5 minutes later come back on permanantly and now i cant switch it off

could this have something to do with my electric wing mirror

being smashed off a couple of days ago,(electrical short of somekind)

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I doubt it.

I had this problem late November. It was the stalk that was the problem (It appeared!!). I solved it by twisting the rear wiper control slightly farther than it usually goes Then back again hard. After about 30 times of doing this, it came ok & has not caused me any problems since. I also used a safety solvent (Gun foam cleaner) on the stalk as well, but don't know if that helped & or solved it. I think it was either moisture or dust in the mechanism.


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Most wiper motors are earthed switched so if there is an earth leak either at the connections or inside the motor then it will continue to run. Sometimes the self-parking mechanism inside gets gummed up and if you can get access inside the a clean up an some fresh grease cures the problem.:)

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sort now folks, cheers for the advice was a big help

took the rear motor out was quite wet,sprayed it with wd40 and left it on a window ledge above a radiator

for the night,put it back on today and works perfect

Good result..

Trick is to seal the top rubber bung..

water wont get down their again

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