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lowering springs 30mm or 40mm

jerry phipps

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Hi everyone.

I was wondering if you guys can help me out. I will be lowering my yaris T sport soon. And i really dont know what springs to have put on the car.

First theres the tte springs which will set me back £269.58 and they will be at 30mm.

Then theres a sports company called pi springs. They are all in the performance mags and are quite highly rated as a lowering kit. They are £95 plus you have got the fitting charge as well so it will be about £250 pounds.

What i really dont know if i should go for the lower springs at 40mm from pi springs. I think they would look better or should i go for the toyota tte springs at 30mm.

I mean at the end of the day you want your car to look like it's lowered so the pi springs would look the part dont you think :o

I was thinking of doing this around the service time as they would have the car anyway. So i have got till the end of february to make up my mind which one i will have fitted.

Give us a shout on your comments

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I've got a new Yaris sports accessories leaflet from my local dealer and it quotes the T sport as not having the lowered springs that the SR has . I assume these would be the TTE ones that you mention.Looking at SR's around I think that 40mm would look better, even though I think it's strange that the T sport isn't lower anyway.


Oh, and the price quoted is £138 plus fitting!

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Hi Jerry,

I've looked into lowering my T Sport Yaris, but found that the lowering figures quoted aren't quite right. All figures quoted are based on lowering a standard Yaris, not our T Sport, or the SR. The T Sport is already 20mm lower than standard and so is the SR ( I believe).

So 30mm lowering springs will lower it by 10mm- not much. I've been informed by TDI (www.tdi-plc.com) that this 10mm is as low as you can on the standard shocks. So without coilovers, that's as low as you can go. :( So not sure those PI's will work on your shocks and dampers.

TDI quoted me the following:

We offer Eibach springs at £121 plus vat and HKS springs at £230 plus vat.

Labour will be about £180 plus vat.

Fairly expensive. My Toyota dealer doesn't want to know about TTE stuff, which is a shame, cos I'd go for the TTE springs.

Let us know how you get on and if the information I have supplied here is correct.....



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I'm glad I'm not the only person having problems getting their Yaris T-Sport lowered. I've had my T-Sport for around 3 weeks now and I'm desperate to get it lowered. I am planning to eventually stick 16's on it, but don't know how much to lower it by.

TTE do a set of coilovers, but they're probably quite pricey. I don't know if Koni or Avo do anything for the Yaris.

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Hi darren

If i was you i would get TTE lowering springs 30mm. They are excellent. They really improve the handling to the car and you get a firmer ride. There is also PI springs which lower the car by 40MM.

TTE are more expensive but you pay for quality in the end £137

PI springs go for about £ 100.00

In the end i went for TTE had my local toyota fit them. Also if you are getting 16" wheels i wouldn't go lower than 30mm mate.


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Hi all.

Just an opinion but from what I have seen and heard of PI is that they are aiming for the looks end of the market so if you want to go really low and go to cruises etc, then they are probably OK. However for handling and ride, I would never go for PI, TTE/HKS/Eibach are all good makes, probably TTE the best in this case - the comment about paying for quality already on this thread is very true.

Lowering the car too much can (but not always) really upset the handling, but if you don't drive hard or do track days, the lower springs may look better (if you're into that sort of thing).....

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Now that discount wouldn't have been because your a gold member now would it, how much did that save you in total ?

Dam wish I had thought of going Gold to save some hard earned cash and get the toys I wanted cheaply.....

Sorry for the blatant unsubtle plug :D :D :D

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the labour shouldn't cost £180 + VAT! Max £100.... It's only 2 hrs work..

Exactly, one thing i cannot stand is a rip-off main dealer.

Thanks to gold i now have a great understanding with a main dealer who is not to far away but not my local one who tryed to rip me off.

Basically loads off discounts with them and sh :censor: t loads off unpaid work just so they can get it right and what they quote is the price you pay. None off this it took a bit longer so the price has gone up m'larkey.

The guy's who have offered discounts in gold know there stuff, are into there cars(like us) and will do there most to help in anyway.

The one's who haven't want to empty your wallet,is it worth the extra half an hour drive to go to a good one offering a discount and a set fee or one who will basically take the p :censor: ss and rip you off!

For £25 you can't go wrong :thumbsup:

I think i have saved about £200 at the mo :D

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