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Hilux 270 Vx D4d


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I have just bought a 270 Hilux VX D4D privately (02 reg). The manual recommends driving in 4WD mode for 10 miles/month. When I tried this (on tarmac) the steering became very jittery, and after a few miles there were grinding noises and a burning smell. With difficulty I changed back to 2WD mode and was able to drive home. Each changeover (4WD/2WD) was made while stationary.

A mechanic has told me that I need a new front differential. The car has Auto Disconnect Differential (not sure what it does).

This is already looking expensive and I suspect that there was damage to the differential when I bought the car, but when I asked a Toyota dealer (the one that had been servicing the car) – he said that 4WD should only be used to get out of difficult situations. Now I am confused (and worried).

Can I drive in permanent 4WD in rain and snow or should it only be used when stuck. Would driving for a few miles in 4WD on tarmac cause problems? Was the damage my fault or was there probably and existing fault when I bought the car? How do I prevent the same thing happening again? I thought these trucks were practically indestructible – but after a few miles in 4WD mode I'm not so sure.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks for the information, but I'm still confused - the manual recommends driving for 10 miles /month in 4 wheel drive (Automatic Disconnecting Differential). Is this allowable on tarmac? What criteria do you user to decide when to select 4WD?

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if i read the brochure i got from the toyoyta garage today as i'm in the market for a hilux or l200;


Hilux's Automatic Disconnecting Differential automatically disconnects power from the front wheels when switching between 4WD and 2WD while on the move, substantially increasing fuel efficiency.

to me that means that you can drive with 4WD on the tarmac. it might be a problem with no or just a bit of oil in the front differential?

just my £0.01

add info

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