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Scrappage 2010


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I have ordered my Aygo Platinum with door strip protectors. I paid £7360. (£110 for the door protectors.)

Deligheted with the testdrive - it should be a 10 registration 1st march with government scrappage of my R Reg Charisma Glx 1.9Turbo-Diesel.

I looked at a few principally... the pixo was a little grungy at 15mph, the corsa only had audio controls easily accessible and looked like the kids had done the instrument panel button layout (which actually broke the deal for me. also theyve supersized them too big now!) I also considered a panda or punto, c1 and 107, I just liked the AYGO BEST ON TESTDRIVE and for ECONOMY. Hope theres no water problems though as I hope to keep it for 10 years as I only do 4000 miles a year? Great wee buggie for essential driving (its unusally still faily ruaral round my area) Picking up the kids or a bag or two of shopping? Almost Occasional Driving at Almost Occasional Prices(?)

Thanks for extending the scrappage offer and a great wee supermini Toyota....

Stuart Reid.


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its a 3-door platinum from arnold clark toyota, ayr.

but i got a good deal on toyota finance 5% FLAT with a decent deposit..... instead of access toyota....

theres been no leaks reported in 2010 models? and i think,

the leaks are 'all' caused by rubber seals needing a 'tube of silicon sealant' put on..

>the visiable rubber seals above the rear lights under the back door

>the rubber seals for the rear parking sensor 'wiring' under the rear bumper

>and the ariel seal very occasionally needs sealed up again.

and on the 5 door??

>the passanger rear door seal 'can' go and needs a wider rubber seal ordered in?

I'm seriously hoping water is not going to be a problem with my car..... I LIKED IT ENOUGHT TO BUY IT.

under scrappage a 'Corsa' was only £5 a month more over 2 years, i didnt like it and its running costs were quite a lot higher, or, the fact they refused to sell me the special edition one i wanted to look at, insisting i was for the more expensive white SXi because thats what he wanted to sell me.... it didnt do it for me?!

The Aygo looks the business.. how it performs i'll post and let you all know when i get it..



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Considering the Base Model Aygo is '£6008 to change' under the government scrappage scheme its still £1200 more, they do the same price deal for the Aygo Platinum as the Aygo Blue £7250 OTR. I wanted Central Locking and Grey/Silver Colour! Its 'competative' as Nissan Pixo Visia was being sold for £4995 under scrappage as was Panda. And Corsa Special Edition for £6500. C1 and/or 107urban for £6500.



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Isn't the general rule of thumb that flat rate is usually x2 in terms of APR?

So if you have a 'flat' rate of 5%, it equates to something like 10% APR?

You'll love the Aygo :) And unfortunately ALL Aygos leak :( But it is easily sorted :)

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The demonstrator was 5 door platinium with aircon, yes I liked very much, and HARKING BACK 'I' would tend to use rear seat instead of boot, hey for the number of times I pick up the kids the extra £500 upfront just now is more than i want to spend- theres other things to Pay Off too..! Unfortunately scrappage doesnt allow a deal on a demonstrator car or I'd have had that there and then...

The fiesta, etc is just far too big now as for ford if i'd wanted a 'supersized golf' i'd have looked at that.. The new Ka I perceive to be too expensive for what I use it for as is the Fox, and The polo for £7400 under scrappage again running costs are higher than they 'need to be' for almost occasional driving. Nobody here doubts anymore that your uncle or aunts NOVA from 1982 was years ahead of its time but even then a fiesta was similar in size to the Aygo now, and today were looking at 'similar things in the market to then' just with better build quality, central locking and more MPG..

Toyota should fix ALL the LEAKs at DEALERs '*BEFORE*' YOU GET THE CAR AND THEY MIGHT BE ONTO THE SUPERMINI CATEGORY WINNER..? The only real competition here was the Pixo N-tec and it was a noisy engine at low speeds (I though if its like that new on a new model? and built in India? Is the Engine gonna be Reliable?)

Personally; Im looking for reliable, low cost, no frills, essential car travel thats relatively cheap for occassional use motoring, (I'm 34 with a mortgage...) A to B safely and KEEPS YOU DRY and HEY AYGO ALSO LOOKS FUN/KY...

This is my First BRAND NEW CAR too...

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The only real competition here was the Pixo N-tec and it was a noisy engine at low speeds (I though if its like that new on a new model? and built in India? Is the Engine gonna be Reliable?)

Congratulations on the new Aygo and not that long to wait either. You should love it, it's a great car and does everything it was designed for - Cheap, no frills motoring with a grin.

As for the Pixo/Alto - this car was not released when I was buying my Aygo but I would have considered it. Reliablilty is actually very good as the engine is actually a Suzuki unit and has been tried and tested for years even in India where they run their cars to the ground. Only thing which would put me off is the interior which was/is a bit um...dull/cheap looking and makes the Hyundai I10 an attractive alternative. :rolleyes:

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