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Ultra Sonic Injector Cleaning


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Sounds glamorous, but is it any good.

Im fairly sure the injectors on my Gen 7 need cleaning. I have used some cleaner you put in the tank, with limited results.

I have seen a couple of companys offering an online postal service, anyone used them, any recomendations, or cowboys to avoide?


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I'll ask this one before someone else does. What makes you think your injectors need cleaning?

Loss of power, very flat when I change up gear and the revs are below 1500-2000. or go up hill, the power just falls away

I changed the plugs and air filter. Had a new air mass meter too

I cant think what elce it could be, its got 95k on the clock

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I presume you're getting no fault codes up?

The reason I ask this is cause it's very odd that injectors would need cleaning on these unless you're been using really rubbish fuel - but even thats fairly rare in this country.

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Does the car drink oil? Has it had a compression test? Will it rev to the redline or does it feel suffocated like the cat has gone?

The cat ??????? ouch !! Can the cat be tested ?

Yes it does drink oil, no I havent had a compression test

Not sure about the redlining

When you pull away, and change gear its realy flat untill you get to 2-2500 RPM

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