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Celica Gearboxes


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I can't help with ratios, although if you pop over to www.celica-club.co.uk i bet someone will know the answer.

I do know that both gearboxes match up to both engines. I used to run a 190 engine, with a 140 gearbox, the gearing was a bit mad, i could do well over 100 in 3rd for instance, BUT when you change gear you can't keep it above 6200rpm, and therefore in "Lift", so everytime you change gear you drop down to 5500rpm, then it slowly creeps back up to 6200rpm, then your in lift again.

Its fine, it works, and the potential top speed it rediculous, but it got annoying after a while, i just wanted to be able to change gear and keep the revs above 6200.

Hope that helps in some way.

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