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A Weird Sound Coming From My Rear Brakes?


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HI forum buddies...

The sun was shining so beautiful today so i thought i'd open my drivers side window...i immediately noticed a sound coming from my rear brake on my drivers side...( not sure about the oppositte rear passenger side) like a sort of ringing / clunky/ sqeaky sound...hard to describe really. ( I havent noticed it before as i've been driving with my windows closed and heater blower on )...but when i got home...i parked up...and pressed on the brake pedal a few times...and yes somethings definitely creaking...not sure if its the brake cable or something to do with the rear brakes OR BOTH! Its annoying though i tell you. Can anyone help or could it be a number of reasons? Thanks to all in advance! Regards


P/s asked a neighbour friend on my street who knows a thing or two about mechanics...he recons that car might have been standing for a while before i bought it 3 months ago and they have sort of stuck in places and they need loosening....????...i dont know...but i did look at the rear disks and pads and i think they might need replacing soon...about 1/2cm of break pad left and the disks look a little rusty!

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Maybe the pads are down to the metal or the discs are corroded. Only way to find out is to do a close inspection.:)

Thanks guys....

Yes the disks are corroded...but the pads still have a little pad on them...i just inspected it again now...got the other half to press the brakes on and off and its mainly on the drivers rear brake...

may be they do need freeing....but how i do resolve this problem??? Any answers guys.

Actually i might just replace the disks and pads...any guides on how to do that myself???


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