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Nissan To Recall 540,000 Vehicles


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.... I wondered who Nissan might blame?....

Toyota of course!.... just give them time to chat to the US authorities and surely they will come up with an excuse :lol:

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its a shame

Japanese cars are not what they used to be unfortunately ;)

i also think its alot to do with media hype, give them 6 months and they will be bored of the recall stories

and be going on about something else :lol:

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Nissan blamed the supplier of the brake pedal pins for the "manufacturing error" and said that all vehicles currently on sale are free of the problem.
Just goes to show you how much of a car is actually made by the company putting their Badge on the front. ABS systems are all supplied by Bosch http://www.bosch.com/content/language2/html/index.htm (as they have the Worldwide patent) a large amount of electrical components are supplied by companies like Lucas http://www.lucaselectrical.co.uk/ and Valeo http://www.valeo.com/en.html?L=223 Then there are things like tyres and brake pads/discs, have you ever put Toyota or Nissan tyres on a car?
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