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Glow Plug Replacement

marco polo

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I replaced my plugs last week on my 54 Avensis D4D.

I had not heard of a Service schedule to replace the Plugs, however, having just clocked 107,000 i thought it would be a prudent preventative maintenance measure especially to avoid the EML coming on.

After reading the previous thread on the dangers of cheap Glow Plugs I opted for the Bosch Duratherms part no:0250202125 at £9.64 each + vat.

For my car it was simply a case of of undoing the 10mm nuts holding the engine cover, then undoing the plastic insulating grommets on top of the plug, then the 10mm nut that secures the plug to the hot-rail, then a 12mm extended socket to remove the plug itself.

The previous thread advises to check, with vernier caliper if possible, the dimensions of the plug going in with what has come out.

I think the torque applied to plug was 12.1Nm, but advise you check that.

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The glow plugs are like lightbulbs, it wary how long they last. I changed mine on 80,000km after some slow starts in winter. I changed them all, but only one was broken. You can messure the ressistans with a multimeter (ohm).

Its very easy to change on avensis, just remove the plastic enginecover and you see them on the top. Takes 10 minutes :thumbsup:

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