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T Sport Clutch


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i was just wondering if any one has had there t sport clutch changed, i think mine is due. has any one bought the kit from mr.t?

where is the best place to get a clutch kit from?

the problems i am getting with mine is as follows:- the biting point is now when i take my foot off the pedal

it smells in traffic, when on and off the clutch a few times

the car has done 86000 miles and still on original clutch

has anyones clucth lasted longer than this?

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i must admit it has smelt all the time i have owned the car in this situation, same on my previous ts aswell, it was just the biting point and the milage that was a little concern

i got told off my garage boss that he would wait till it starts to either slip(which it isnt at the moment)or if it goes totally!

i cant do with out a car though so i cant really just wait till it goes!

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my has done 34000 miles and doing the same since I bought it (22000). just be careful with it, don't rev it more then 3000 (or rev it above 5000 :) and dump the clutch LOL, so it's not slipping ) or switch to inside air circulation and lower the window

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