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Problem With Wipers


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My wipers are not self canceling, single wipe (push up)only works whilst pushed up soon as I release,they stop regardless of where they are, on auto (rain sensing) they stop on the return wipe at "ten to" and then stagger the rest of the way.

Wipers work perfect on normal and fast speed and self cancel as they should, been told I need a new motor, but do you think its a relay problem or is it all self contained within the motor, hence new one.

£290 fitted by mr T.

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As I think I said to Colin when he was down for Pod, there are certain situation in which mine will stop the wipers mid screen. But its not as defined as Colins and more of a 'once in a blue moon' thing.

Go with Gaz's idea, replacement from a poorly CTS. Fortunately wiper motors are that big a !Removed! to swap out if you do go down the breakers part route :)

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just a arrived in dumfries scotland rained most of the way, no probs with wipers at all. I dont think its the motor, seems to hapen when screen is almost dry 'ie' just spray. But as i said no probs at all today very strange.

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