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Problems With Tuneacar.co.uk


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I'm going to post this after being :censor: around by tuneacar again!

I'm not going to go into my 1st order from them but that didn't go well at all.

I phoned them last Wednesday and after a couple of hours of trying managed to get through. I wanted to order a short shifter kit by TRD and a RMM Spark plug cover. I was told the RMM cover was in stock but the TRD SS wasn't, so i went with the B&M SS kit that they "had in stock" I was told it would be delveried the next day (Thursday) but it might be Friday. That was fine.

I waited Thursday, nothing so i phone on Friday to confirm it was coming that day. It took me allday to get through when i did i was told "errrrr no errrrr. B&M are having some problems with deliveries" I was told the item was in stock! Now in stock means a UK supplier has the item in stock? Ok but what about the RMM cover. Another load of lies! After abit he said Monday..

Monday comes and no delivery so i phone again to be told that it hasn't even been sent yet and it should be Wednesday. I didn't even bother to ask why.

Now Wednesday (Today) i get told B&M might of sent it but the order was only sent over yesterday!!! and the RMM cover is too expensive to send by courier and it would come by normal post hopefully before the weekend!!

I'm really :censor: off about all this and being told such a load of lyes :ffs: :ffs:

I think there products are great but there service is crap. They never answer e-mails and the phone is normally engaged and when you do get through they don't even send the stuff?

I would cancel the order if i knew somewhere else to get the RMM cover!

Has anyone had anything similar

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Seems bad, especially by the looks of it as they are website sponsors.

I never order of a company if I've had bad dealings with them in the past.

I always give them a 2nd chance. I should of learnt the 1st time.

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ve got to disagree with u there they r the b****** mate they ve sorted me out every time i hate people slagging off good companys

Just because you haven't had any problems doesn't mean there the <the spuds of lurrrrvve>s. He always says he'll do stuff but never does.

The stuff still hasen't arrived today.

Oli - we can get anything from RMM - however they will take 2 weeks as I have to import one from the US

Best Regards,


Cheers for the reply but it was on special at £19.99 and if you need to get it from the states i'm sure you can match that. I've looked at your site and i'll make it my 1st choice for my next order.

Do you stock any manifolds for the 2003 celica tsport? (The 03 model is different to the 00 - 02)


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