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20-22Mpg On My 2.0 Vvti


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Used to have a 2.litre T-spirit and it was NEVER good on fuel ,the very low twenties round town and the best it ever did was usually about the same as yours 35-40 mpg on a decent run , and im a very steady driver .

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According to the computer my average is 29 MPG, my actual average MPG (calculated from full tanks) is around 33-34 based on half and half motorway and town driving. Last year when I didn't do much motorway driving it dropped to just under 30MPG.

I don't do just town driving due to my job, but it does kill my MPG. Doing a steady 60 on the motorway I can get about 38 MPG, but it soon drops off the motorway, I think it's the acceleration that does it.

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