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Hi all,

Im after some advice here (as you would likely expect!)

Im going to be looking for a mr2-s/r next week with a tight budget of 3.1k I have come from a fiat coupe 20vt and one of the things thats drilled in is very much buyer beware as they have a habit of costing what you paid for them in maintenance in the first month!

My budget likely dictates that ill be going to a early 2001-2002 Im aware there are two issues, precat issues and piston issues.

It may be ott but when going to view a car I plan to do a compression test. So, can any one recommend me a kit that will be ok, or am I ok with most off the shelf kits?

Second what numbers should I be looking at on a healthy car ? I know I should be looking at no more than 10% variation across all 4.

Second question,

Service relating to AUX and cam belt, how much am I looking for these to be done at a specialist? The last belts I had done were on my coupe costing £450

Im hoping the mr2 will be a welcome rest-bite from my 20mpg and £250 a month fuel bills!

Thanks for you advice (hopfully)


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Can't help help with a kit for testing compression but you should get around 175 -180psi accross all four cylinders.

The cam belt on the roadster is actually a timing chain, the only problem here is that on occasion the chain tensioner can go resulting in a small oil leak.

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I believe there is NO specified service interval for replacement of chain...

Got to love Toyota's :D

Right, All in all it makes much more sense than my current car

Bar the precat issue and oil usage, is there any thing else to look out for?

I know ill be looking out for damage repair, knocks, bangs ect. Do these rust any where?

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There are no other issues that I'm aware of, as per normal look for service history etc etc.

If the car has or has had a style bar fitted it could be worth checking where the soft top roof meets the windscreen for signs of wear, also check the soft top for signs of wear just behind the side windows above the rear quarter panel, there is a bar running through the softop which can scuff the inside of the hood if the protective strap/sheet/ thingy has came off the end of the bar. Check that the roof folds properly when closed, when fully closed the very rear corners should be tucked in and not sticking out like ears, if they are sticking out then you need to secure a strap that runs through the roof, they can work loose over time... but an easy fix.

Blocked drains is also another slight issue, inside the rear cubby holes there is a drain hole that lets water run out of the side vents, this can sometimes get blocked with leaves etc.. again an easy fix.

Have a look here for usefull info...


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