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Yaris Steering Groaning


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Hi all,

Apologies if this has been covered, I have done a search but nothing has come up...

Hoping you can help before I take it to Toyota and get fobbed off again a fault being a 'quirk of the car'...

It started off with a slight noise on full lock, a sort of low groaning noise coming from somewhere behind the centre console. Over the last week it has got progressive louder, and is now doing it on half lock as well. It can only be discribed as a groan, but its loud enough to be heard over the stereo and appears to be coming from inside the cabin.

Any suggestions would be most welcome :)



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Similar thing with my father's 2007 Yaris D4D, after a few visits back to the dealer they agreed to replace the steering column. Now like new again,be polite and ask to talk to the service manager if you get fobbed off.Failing that ask for details of the dealer principal and complain politely to them.Good luck,


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This is a noted fault with the Yaris, the fault was caused by the column mounting bracket welding process. This has been rectified and the field fix for rectifying the problem is to replace the column assembley, it is known to the dealers through the totss network, and has been for at least the past seven months. Hope this helps you

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I have a similar problem but replacing a steering column sounds pricey!!!

What kinda price have you guys been told??

if the car is under warranty it is under waranty. if you get fobbed off just be firm (not arrogant) and just insistant that you want it replacing.

hope this helps.

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Toyota told me to check the PAS fluid level and if its low that would explain the noise...

Mentioned this thread and said i want it checked out, don't want to take any risks with the steering!

Booked in for 12th May.

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its electric power steering, doesn't have power steering fluid

Car has just come back from Toyota,

Both front top suspension mounts had gone. Car was registered in oct 2008 and has covered just shy of 15K miles. Bloke at Toyota had never seen anything like it on a the Yaris, reckons the parts were from a dodgy batch. Car is now silent again on full lock.

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My 1.8 SR started making this groaning noise, I dropped it off at Toyota yesterday and they called me an hour later to say they are replacing the steering column and some other parts - no quibbles.

I also mentioned that 3 of the alloys where starting to bubble slightly around the hubs, and they are replacing all 4 for me today (nice shiney new 17's :))

So keep on them!

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